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Data Warehousing

So you have 8 multi-million record databases, a home-grown access database, 16 csv files, and a bunch of excel spreadsheets laying around. Let's bring it all together in a star schema and make some good business decisions!

Data Mining

Want to see the future? Data mining won't take you up to 88mph but it can at least give you a pretty good idea of what's going to happen next! It uses recognition of patterns over time to formulate a probability of what might happen next or what is out of the ordinary.

Data Analytics

What good is a big pile of perfectly married, massively historical, and superbly organized data if you can't use it? Let's hang some pretty custom graphs off of it and create any type of reporting you can dream up. At this point, the analytics are making your decisions for you!

Full Stack Developer

Custom interface you say? Done. Pick your pain, I'll make it happen. Maybe you want to keep track of some widget information that can't natively be stored in your widget factory application/database. We'll throw up a multi-device responsive app that collects anything and interfaces with everything.

Supercharged ROI:

It's sometimes hard for a company to imagine the possibilities of what a data warehouse can do for them. They might be set in their ways and take the mindset of "If it ain't broke, don’t fix it". A data warehouse will generally never be put in place to "fix" business processes, but improve upon them, and that improvement can be drastic if the design is executed properly! Drastic to the point of the warehouse taking over the jobs of multiple full-time employees!

Don't go firing people just yet! For a warehouse design to be executed properly, the designer/architect needs to have knowledge of the business and its inner workings. This requires a tight relationship with the business units during the design phase. It also requires the designer be able to work with and thoroughly understand the people representing the business units. This becomes a point of failure in many warehouse designs because the architect is generally not a people person. If the architect can't directly translate the lingo of the business units, a middle-man is required. This middle-man team pattern can work, but a lot can get lost in translation.

Enter…me. I am a people person gol dangit! Sorry, couldn't resist. Office Space is one of the greatest movies of all time. But seriously, I am blessed with the talent of not only writing fancy code, but also working with people to understand their wants and needs. Sometimes people aren't exactly sure what they want until they understand what's possible. This level of communication allows me to provide these new possibilities and bring to life what was previously impossible! With these tightly melded business unit relationships comes great power and the sky is the limit when it comes to producing results!

Great business decisions are made by people. The people making these great decisions need a basis for those choices to come to fruition. This extremely valuable basis is what a data warehouse can provide. Whether it be through mining, historical analysis, automation, or all of the above, bringing all the right types of data together in perfect harmony will provide any company with the power to succeed! The supercharged return on investment of a finely tuned data warehouse will leave you wondering where I've been all of your life!


My mostly used things.

Dev Apps:

Visual Studio

Wherescape Red

SQL Management Studio




Frameworks and Libraries:

ASP.NET MVC, Core, Web Forms















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